It is a thrilling moment to launch a new website and be able to share my work in a new way. This new site and name more closely aligns to my current style and aesthetic while still providing a similar atmosphere: a place to look and reflect on the beauty of gemstones and semi-precious stones and find something that suits your style and the way you live. Please come in, peruse my work, and feel empowered and inspired.

Keep checking in; I'm just hitting my stride.

Jennifer Collins, Owner & Designer

I am an artist in Oakland, CA and I've been designing jewelry for many years. I source high-quality gemstones and findings in order to create jewelry that I am very proud to offer to you. I actually field test many of my designs to check for durability, wearability and comfort. As an avid jewelry lover since my childhood I like to make sure that when you purchase from me you are assured that you will be receiving a quality product. I pay close attention to craftsmanship and detail.

I design and create all of the pieces that I offer in my little studio in my little apartment in Oakland, CA. I'm a prolific creator as I am able to practice my craft virtually everyday. I never get tired of designing and creating each piece. For me, it's an expression of my Self - a meditative process that fulfills that unyielding desire to create.

I'm a tall woman with red hair but graying now as I'm getting older. Embracing the new, the old, the inbetween is my passion. I study and learn and grow every day and I'm super appreciative of my abilities and that I can bring so much attention to my passions. It probably sounds a little weird but this work brings me so much joy! My life has been filled with twists and turns at times challenging and at other times extremely rewarding but always enlightening.

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy the pieces that you purchase from my shop.
I do offer custom work so please be sure to reach out if you'd like several of the same style for your wedding party or a special event. I'm easy-going and easy to work with and I look for the same in my custom clients.